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Executive Career Acceleration Program (ECAP)

Mere functional ability is no longer a passport to success. Soft skills are now the defining factor between managerial mediocrity and superior performance for fast-track career growth. ECAP has been designed and is being implemented from mid-2016, with an emphasis upon individual career development for EMBA students.

This is being achieved by providing individual assistance in developing a student’s career plan and identifying strategies to help achieve career goals. With an objective to facilitate career progression, with helpful assistance in career decisions, opportunity to assess individual skills and competencies and achieve goals and future aspirations, the emphasis is on personal branding, for each individual.

The project involves both an Individual Approach and a Group Approach. We introduce a unique series of skill based workshops; each of which aims to hone a specific skill set that has been identified as crucial in the modern workplace. The students are encouraged to avail of these opportunities such as skill based workshops, networking with alumni, and corporate interface.


Sl. No Date Workshop / Guest Lecture(Industry Speaker) (including Q&A) Responsibility/ Industry Speaker
1 17th September 2016 Public Speaking Workshop conducted by the Toastmasters Club TOASTMASTES CLUB
2 24th September 2016 Workshop on People Skills-” Managing People and Organization” Prof. Chris Abraham
3 01st October 2016 Workshop on CV- Building (Participants Batch-37) Parmita Debnath
4 15th October 2016 TALK on “The Secret Ingredients of Success in a New Economy” Ms. Konstantina Sakellariou, Chief Initiator – Transformational Journeys at Rahhalah
5 12th November 2016 Workshop on Advanced Excel in Business Prof. Nitin Patwa
6 19th November 2016 Mindfulness & Stress Management Ms. Bijal Oza
7 26th November 2016 Career Prospects in UAE & Creating Employability’ . 1. David Van Lochem, HR Director Europe, Middle East & Africa, Oberthur Technologies and   2. Stefan Hart, Senior Talent Acquisition & Global Human Capital Advisory Specialist
8 4- Dec-16 to end of Jan -17 One-on-one Career Counseling sessions for Batch-38 (Goal Setting Exercise)- 12 students Ms. Parmita Debnath
9 17-Dec-17 Entrepreneurial Workshop Mr. A K Mishra, Founder and Owner of AKM Group of Industries
10 4 – Jan- 17 onwards One on One CV Enhancing session for 6 students of Batch-38 Ms. Parmita Debnath
11 21-Jan-17 How to improve your Sales Skills (with reference to B2B market)” Mr. Pankaj Kalra, Head of Marketing, ME, at Xerox Emirates LLC ,
12 9- Feb- 17 to 11- Feb- 17 Organised the Dubai Study Tour for Mumbai Batch 3 Ms. Parmita Debanth
13 STUDY TOUR  Mr. Venkatesh Srikantan, Retail Head, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, UAE
14 STUDY TOUR Mr. Prakash Rao, Group Head – Supply Chain Projects, Landmark Group
15 STUDY TOUR Mr. Stivan Pinto, Managing Director – Officeflux.com
16 10-Feb-17 Networking Lunch with Batch – 39 and Mumbai Batch -04 EMBA Team
17 11-Feb-17 Sahaj Yoga session Mr. Ravi Bhushan (Also EMBA Mumbai 03 student)
18 18-Feb-17 Training session- TMI TM Deepak Gulati and TM Sandeep Adnani
19 25-Feb-17 Toastmasters Area Public Speaking Contest – participation by Students Parent Toastmasters Club – Area 72
20 25-Mar-17 1st official Session/ Workshop for the S P Jain Toastmasters Club S P Jain Toastmasters Club
21 25- Feb-17 to end of 25-Mar-17 One-on-one Career Counseling sessions for Batch-39 Ms. Parmita Debnath
22 18-Mar- 17 onwards One on One CV Enhancing session for 1 student of Batch-39 Ms. Parmita Debnath

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