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SPJ Toastmasters Club being established for the EMBAs

Toastmasters’ International (TMI) is a platform that can transform people into better leaders, effective listeners and communicators and hone your public speaking skills. It helps individuals learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking – the vital skills that promotes self-actualisation and enhance leadership potential. Toastmasters have proven to be a platform where speakers are groomed and cultivated.

SPJ Toastmasters Club aims to allow EMBA participants to hone their speaking skills, thinking skills and leadership skills through active participation in Toastmasters activities and to provide an ongoing communications and leadership training facility within the club. We have 23 active members across weekday batches.

The SPJ Toastmasters Club, Dubai held the first official event on 25th March, 2017. The session was attended by Distinguished Toastmasters TM Deepak (Division B Director), TM Vinod (Area 72 Director), TM Philip and TM Love (SPJ Mentors) who gave great insights on communication and leadership skills, along with a guided supervision of the Parent Club Members and Mentors. The attendees also included Dr. Gary Stockport and distinguished guests from neighboring Toastmaster clubs, SPJ charter members and other guests. The theme for the event was “Giving”, as this is the Year of Giving.

After successfully holding the first meet, SPJ Toastmasters Club held their second meet under the guidance of the stand-in President, TM Khaleejan, who took the stage by introducing the vision and mission of Toastmasters International. The meet included various talks and events with the Toastmasters covering a variety of topics.

More meetings are coming up and everyone is excited for the same!

“A Toastmaster wears many hats – a leader, powerful communicator & mentor – must have skill sets for life” – TM Philip Nwosisi

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