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The Entrepreneurship Spirit: EMBA Alumni Ritwika Chaudhuri speaks


A boost in her self-confidence, the broadening of her perspectives and the encouragement to try out new things – these are just a few of the numerous ways SP Jain’s EMBA Batch-28 alumni Ritwika Chaudhuri’s life changed after her Executive MBA. “I could never imagine to turn into an entrepreneur one day but for my EMBA learning, which has taught me that possibilities are unlimited if you dare and act”, Ritwika shares with a smile.

Returning to the class room experience after years is a difficult job for anyone. But Ritwika did this with a positive spirit. Describing her EMBA classroom experience as ‘fun’, she tells us, “It was an experience to get back to the class room atmosphere after years, fun to learn from some of the finest professors and industry experts, a challenge to endure the rigor of the exhaustive and carefully structured coursework, and lastly, satisfactory to see your name somewhere in the S P Jain Alumni list.”

Few of the professors and memories Ritwika reminisces are identifying the pain point for successful business propositions in the entrepreneurship class, getting guidance on some interesting corporate strategy books in Prof Chris organizational behaviour class, learning the fundamentals of innovative marketing from Prof Ram Kumar’s class, the interesting aspects of corporate finance from Prof Banerjee’s class, an extremely keen sense of Business Strategy from Prof Chandrani’s class, and an inclination to try and experience the Blue Ocean Strategy learnt from Dr. Grandhi.

Ritwika is currently an entrepreneur and the Founder Director of The Palette Art Training & Consultancy, a place which aims to be an exchange of art and artists, designs and designers, with the purpose of achieving creative excellence, career aspirations and economic prosperity.

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