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New adventures await Devika as she expands her skills



Devika Neogi completed her Engineering Degree from Mumbai University in 2006 and has been working since then. Starting her career at Tata Consultancy Services, Devika changed jobs over a period of a little over 9 years. The reason for changing jobs at every stage, like in the case of most engineers, was a better role or a larger team to manage. But there is only so much one can do without going above and beyond one’s regular skill set.

This is when Devika came across the advertisement for S P Jain’s Executive MBA in the newspaper and, on a lark, decided to appear for the entrance exam. Clearing the exam within one attempt, she qualified for the program. “During the interview, the Dean asked me if I was willing to give up my social life for the next 1.5 years. I accepted. This has been a decision that I will never regret”, she gladly shares.

Devika changed jobs in June 2016 just a week after her EMBA program started. After almost 10 years of work, going back to the academic life is not an easy task. Especially so when you are also adjusting to a new job.
“At my workplace, I had moved into a new role, one which required me to have a lot of foresight and be able to make things smoother for all the stakeholders. EMBA taught me how important it is to factor in the risk in all the decisions I take. In addition, through subjects like Marketing, I also learned how important it is to win the trust of your own team and make all the decisions keeping both long term and short term goals in mind”, Devika tells us.

Devika has been working in Banking and Finance and intends to continue along the same lines. The EMBA program is one which helps her in her interests by imparting vital domain related knowledge. Domain knowledge is extremely important since, in addition to being technically sound, one needs it to help schedule the tasks.

“Due to the learning that I have obtained and assimilated from all my teachers at S P Jain, I’m on the way to being promoted in my current organization, within 6 months of joining here”, she concludes.

Devika makes herself count now, in more ways that one!

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