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Kamakshi Sarkar
Class of 2015-EMBA
Employment: Knight Frank India

1: What made you choose S P Jain?

I’ve always wanted to pursue an MBA. In my initial span of research and applications, I was looking at international business schools and the IIMs in India. However, due to personal commitments, I was unable to pursue it at the time. Last year, I resumed my research for business programs and began to make applications again, shortlisting programs like Chicago Booth’s program in India. I even secured admission in IIM-Indore.

I was aware about S P Jain School of Global Management, however, wasn’t sure about its program in India. I looked into the school’s profile and explored the course offerings, curriculum and was highly impressed. I started to speak to people in the industry, professionals and my colleagues at work about S P Jain and received amazing responses about their repute in the industry. I also spoke to a friend who is a current student studying EMBA program in Dubai and received amazing feedback about his experience.

After attending the info-session and a chat with the Head of Campus of Mumbai, I gained insights into the School, and then there was no looking back.

2: What do you hope to gain from this program?

There definitely were quite a few expectations from the program. I’d like to talk about them in a few points. Firstly, from an academic perspective. I come with a solid 6 years of work experience on Sales and Business Development profile and understood the economics and finance aspects of business quite superficially. I understood the requirements to deliver results, not the technicalities that drove these areas of businesses. The EMBA program has certainly been able to consolidate this knowledge within my area of expertise.

3: What did you find most attractive about our EMBA program?

What stood out most was the program’s focus on application of concepts that are being conducted in the classroom, the excellent talent pool of the faculty and the industry exposure it promises to deliver.

4: How has your experience been with the online modules?

The pre-learning online course certainly was overwhelming, not just for me, but for all most of us in the program and that worried us. However, when we came to class, our professor completely amazed me. Our classroom sessions completely changed our view about the subjects and we understood the same concepts with ease. The application focus of the curriculum absolutely changes the way one understand business concepts, and this is exactly how the EMBA modules shaped my understanding of the subjects.

5: How has your overall experience been so far?

It has been so wonderful. I’ve had the chance to work with so many different people from many different fields, the professors and thee teaching methods have also been so fantastic. It’s only been three months, but with start, I anticipate exciting things.

6: Have you been able to apply what you learnt in class at work?

In the three months, we have mainly focused on economics and finance. From the simulations and the teachings, I certainly am able to understand my work better, maybe not directly affect it, but definitely understand it better. However, my time management skills have improved tremendously.

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