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Don’t wait for your destination, enjoy the journey!

Lynnette Britto
Class of 2017-EMBA
Content Management Coordinator – Landmark Group


In 2011 I graduated and got my first job offer, while also contemplating a Masters in the USA, a trend very prevalent back then, I didn’t go to the US, but began my career with Accenture. Ever since, I proclaimed that come what may, I wouldn’t do an MBA, I’ll work hard to reach the top and do it without an MBA. In 2015 I realized I may be wrong.
Nothing drastic had to happen for me to change my mind. I realized how unaware I was about changes and trends in the business world, and the world at large. That I may be good in a certain role, but I could be better with an added set of skills. That I needed to put myself out there and network more, be open to thoughts, share my views and hear those of others as well. Meet the many people out there and hear their stories.
At the end of this two year program, I’m not looking for some extraordinary change in myself, but only looking to see where I can take myself and how I can use these opportunities to their best. Learn to make optimal choices, have a sense of changing workplace environments, interpret numbers and make decisions, something that I didn’t think I needed to know.
This is a journey I am taking with so many others like me. We’re all going to complete our program surely, but these experiences are what will make us, mould us and ready us for the future.

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