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SP Jain School of Global Management

My journey at S P Jain!

Prashant Narayan More
EMBA Class of 2010
Senior Internal Auditor – Arenco Group
President of S P Jain’s Dubai Alumni Chapter


It has been excellent experience at S P Jain and time well invested doing the Executive MBA course during the period 2008-2010, with the objective to sharpen skills, upgrade knowledge relevant for effective performance at the workplace and also for career growth. Industry based course content are comprehensive with significant focus on “decision-making” skills, which is core, utmost important to manage various business functions effectively and exhibit leadership in the current highly competitive global business environment.

In my current profile as “Senior Internal Auditor” of the leading diversified dynamic corporate group, (i.e. A.A.Almoosa Enterprises well known as “Arenco Group of companies” – http://www.aaagroup.com), requires being proficient and having good overall knowledge about various business processes, functions such finance, marketing, sales, human resources, IT systems, logistics and business operation processes in addition to specialized knowledge in accounting standards, assurance and audit techniques. Completion of EMBA course has definitely been great contributor to my professional growth and helped immensely to contribute positively at workplace.

Joining S P Jain provided great opportunity to interact, engage and connect with best of professional minds coming from diverse multi-cultural background, industries and nationalities with the single objective of learning and sharing academics as well as real life professional work experiences.

Knowledge & Skills such as “Decision marking” tools, business data analytical skills, business communication, negotiations skills, presentation skills, project management and people management skills are the great takeaways from the EMBA program and same were put into effective use my current workplace as well as family-based projects . Further, Knowledge session workshops/seminars organized for S P Jain alumni on Big data analytics, Cloud computing, Simulation lab courses on leadership, business expansion, business strategy, entrepreneurship -ecommerce/mobile commerce business and region-based SME /Startup ecosystem are interesting opportunities for further upgrading professional skills.

S P Jain as an institution is determined to continuously strive to remain ahead in business education through introducing innovative education techniques, industry based courses content, experienced faculty and strategically locating new campuses globally in emerging economy markets –Middle east (Dubai), Australia (Sydney) and Asia (Singapore & Mumbai) providing a platform for aspiring global managers to become real achievers and consistently lead to achieve higher success path.

In a Nutshell:
S P Jain School of Global Management” is a reputed and well recognized brand in Business education with best of faculty; innovative comprehensive course content and advanced education infrastructure rightly accomplishing the objective of “Crafting Global Business Leaders”.

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