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SP Jain School of Global Management

Don’t think…Do it!

Rajeev M Puthiyedath
Executive MBA Class of 2016
Regional Head – Fortron Automotive Treatments


Don’t think…Do it!

I have been thinking about getting an MBA program for a long time, but thinking alone wouldn’t take you anywhere unless you act on it. Though it is such a big decision, it’s so simple if you are committed with passion. Certainly I did exhaustive homework by gathering relevant information about various programs offered by different business schools in Dubai and shortlisted couple of business schools. Soon after my visit to S P Jain’s campus I decided and enrolled for the EMBA program.

Each EMBA course has been designed in a capsule format without losing its core content for working professionals who can’t afford plenty of their time for studies. Nevertheless, you can’t get through with an EMBA without commitments and dedication.

The opportunity to attend lectures from an array of Professors from around the world gives you a rich experience during classroom interactions and live simulations. The team assignments and group work among students – a mix of professionals from various industries further enhances your learning experience. After joining the EMBA, it has certainly helped me change my perspectives, approaches and actions!

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