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Dr. David Horace Harwell, Assistant Dean – MGB & GMBA at S P Jain Global

Interview with Dr. David Horace Harwell (Assistant Dean – MGB & GMBA)

1. What brings you to S P Jain?
My family and I were seeking to return to Dubai after time in Southeast Asia, and the obvious choice for top schools is S P Jain. Their regional and global reputations are excellent, and I wanted to contribute my knowledge and experience to helping students in a very practical way towards their goals.

2. How many years have you been teaching this subject?
Since 1995

3. What can you tell us about your experience of working with the Dubai students?
I have been very impressed with our students, particularly their inquisitiveness in the classroom and their work ethic as displayed by their approach to their coursework.

4. How do you find the new EMBA program architecture?
I find the blended learning approach to be a wise choice for professional students, alternating digital learning with classroom learning. It is a modern and thoughtful approach towards meeting the needs of working professionals.

5. Does it prepare the students for tomorrow’s changing dynamic business requirements?
Much professional work is conducted in exactly the same way, blending digital tasks with “face time” tasks, and students will benefit from approaching their studies and their practical/real world skills in both mediums.

6. How do you compare S P Jain’s EMBA students with other B School students’ that you have taught?
Top marks!

7. What role do simulations play in the program and how is this effective in Communications?

I have students actually simulate business communication strategies based on actual examples and cases from their own work, as individuals and in groups, in both written and spoken form. Using real world and useful examples is of the highest importance in learning to communicate with all levels and divisions of professional audiences, from direct reports to senior management.

8. Does the program facilitate in bringing a transformation in the students in ways they look at business?

I can see rapid and marked improvement in student skills and in their thinking process related to communications in their workplace. My students all comment on the usefulness of the cases that we develop, analyse, and communicate about, which is exactly my goal: To learn useful, immediately applicable thinking and communication strategies for their professional roles outside the classroom.

9. Why are soft skills important today?
In every professional environment, especially global, students must develop awareness of how their thoughts are conveyed most effectively and with cultural sensitivity to multiple audiences. We spend a great deal of time analysing how clear and how culturally aware our communications are during our simulated writing and speaking assignments.

10. Why should one join S P Jain’s EMBA program?
You should join SP Jain’s EMBA program only if you want success and are willing to work hard towards achieving your professional goals. Balancing work and study is not easy, but as a famous leader from my region of the U.S. once said, “The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.” Join us if you want to make a sincere effort to achieve victory in life.

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