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Ek cup chai (A cup of tea)…

Lynnette Britto
Landmark group,
Content Management Coordinator
Class of 2017-EMBA (S P Jain School of Global Management)

There are a million thoughts running through my mind because I want to say so many things, some relevant to the program, some just random ideas. I think the EMBA has become a highlight for many of my classmates and if you ask any one of them they would definitely say a lot has changed for each one of them.

We all live to experience new things, meet new people from different cultures and professional backgrounds, finding our home away from home. The EMBA brings together a whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes lonely, sometimes happy, tired, confused, stressful and the likes.

But I feel so at ease and peaceful once the day is over and absolutely enjoy my drive back home at that time of the night. I look forward not to my sleep but to my cup of tea which I undervalued so much all these years. Oh the quiet and warmth it provides, cannot beat anything.

I sit back with my chai and go through the day slowly as if I want to relive every moment. Attending class makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to. The batch has become so friendly with each other and it feels like a year has gone by.

I look forward to many highs and lows to come in these two years. Just these few months into the EMBA have made me see a new me. I want to explore my strengths and follow my passion once I find it. I also want to be able to meet and interact with as many people during this course.

On that note, I wait eagerly to savor the taste and company of my chai on the last day of this program. I’m sure it will taste a lot different than it does now J.

2 comments on “Ek cup chai (A cup of tea)…

  1. Laura Britto, Peppy Britto
    August 10, 2015

    Wonderful expression of thoughts … This ‘cup of chai’ truly has served its taste!
    Keep the ideas brimming and thoughts flowing….. Well wriiten!!! 😉


  2. Laura Britto, Peppy Britto
    August 10, 2015

    Learn to grow up,n grow up to learn more! Never ending story,of life,n life, full of stories! All the bestDream,as dreams have no end!


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